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Connecting families with care

With over a decade of experience in caregiving, our founder saw first hand the challenges families faced when trying to connect with their loved ones who were receiving care a few or thousands of miles away.

Lack of real time information on basic things such as changes in schedules, quality of care, caregivers on staff, invoicing a general summary of the day to day care, inspired our founder to create the “Family Connect Portal.”

Empathy Family Connect Portal is a holistic approach that seamlessly connects clients and families to all aspects of care within Empathy - 24 hrs. a day, every day of the year.

Viewing shift calender and caregivers on staff

Families can now receive interactive daily, weekly or monthly calendar schedules and also get informed on which caregiver on staff will be providing the care.
We also provide the family with details on the caregiver providing the care for your loved ones, as well as real time direct messaging with all caregivers on staff.

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