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Home Health Agency Software to provide best level of care

Familly Mobile App Portal

Connecting families to their loved ones

Empathy Family App for Real-Time Access To Your Loved One


Empowering Families With Care

Empathy provides families, power of attorneys and guardians with powerful tools that keeps them connected to their loved ones while ensuring that they are receiving the best quality of care.

Real Time Access To Your Loved One

Whether you want to get involved with the day to day care details without getting overwhelmed, or simply want access to all your loved ones care information in detail, Empathy allows you to access how, when and what Information you would like to receive in real time via your mobile app.

Empathy Family App for Peace of Mind

Peace Of Mind

When opening the doors to your home, no price can be placed on the peace of mind that a qualified caregiver is providing care for your love one. Empathy places structures and processes in place to ensure that the caregivers providing care not only have the required qualifications, but are the perfect match for your loved one.

Empathy Family App Concierge Care Plan.

Concierge Care Services

Empathy allows family members to pass the individual needs and preferences of your loved one to agency managers and caregivers. This facilitates a concierge care plan that caters to your loved ones needs regardless of which caregiver is on staff.

Little details such as what your loved one has for breakfast, which paper they prefer to read in the morning, down to their favorite music, Empathy believes that your loved one should live their lives as vibrantly as they did before needing care.


  • Logging client individual needs and preferences
  • Real time notifications on loved ones care information
  • Medication reminders
  • Food and allergies notifications
  • Dr/Therapy appointments and reminders
  • Shopping list
  • Loved ones health vitals.
  • Direct messaging with caregivers and managers on staff
  • Unlimited mobile app downloads for family members
  • Accountability in care.
Empathy Family App Accountability Feature


The elderly are at a constant risk of being emotionally, financially and physically abused. To that end, Empathy has placed structures and processes in place to ensure accountability takes place throughout the shift.

Create Unlimited number of accounts for loved ones in Family Care App

Unlimited amount of family members on the family app

As the saying goes,”It takes a village”. Family members can add an unlimited number of accounts for loved ones in order to keep them connected to their loved ones.

Is your loved one receiving care from an agency? Download your Empathy Family App today and invite your agency

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Homecare agency solutions

All your agency needs in one application

Direct Billing and Payroll Feature in Homecare Agency App Process Billing and Payroll directly from your Caregiver mobile app


Our Billing/invoicing system is designed to remove the hassle of collecting paper timesheets

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Empathy Home Care Agency App Scheduling Empathy Caregiver App Scheduling


Quick, easy, and flexible scheduling from the palm of your hand.

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Empathy Home Care Agency App provide Great Quality of Care Empathy Caregiver App provide Great Quality of Care


Empathy is designed to help agencies and home care providers improve their client’s quality of life

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Empathy Electronic Visit Verification Home Health Care EVV Solution


Ensure compliance with the Century CURES Act requirements with Empathy’s EVV solution.

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Empathy Timesheet management Home Health Care App Timesheet management Feature


For agencies, it means that not a single moment is spent generating timesheets

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Home Care Agency App Home Health Care Agency Software

Home care agency

Grow Your Business While Eliminating Administrative Costs

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Detailed Clinical Documentation in Home Health Care App Detailed Clinical Documentation in Caregiver App


Simplify the Complicated Clinical Documentation Process With Empathy.

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Developmental Services Care Providers Developmental Services Care Providers


A Fully Integrated Individual Service Programs (ISP’s)

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Elder Care App Senior Care App


Streamline and deliver elder care services that are geared to improve their clients quality of life.

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Homecare agency solutions

All your agency needs in one application

Home Health Care Apps

3 apps

What you get as an Agency: Empathy provides agencies with three distinctive senior care apps that allows the seamless integration of client information and needs and tasks in your business between you, your caregivers and all family members

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